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THERE.COM and HOME (Excerpt from the Duda Beach Gazette)

Those are the two words to remember: THERE.COM and HOME. When you are wondering where the people are, remember that is your home away from real life home. As such it operates like a home would expect to be operated. Ask yourself this: Is there a constant parade of people and parties and fanfare going on 24/7 in my real life home? Obviously, the answer to that is NO. (for the average person anyway). A home is where you spend a lot of time relaxing and meditating by yourself or with special people. Only on special occasions do you have company over.  As in the real world, there are times when everything is buzzing around like bees in a hive and there are times when everything is quiet again in cycles.
Think about what you do normally at your home in real life. The home is where you have a bedroom that is fixed up just the way you like it with plenty of closet space and a kitchen and a garage for your cars and a plot out back for a garden and so on. You build it all up over a period of time and if you stay in one place, people get to know you and you gradually become part of a community. As such then you will see a lot more people. In fact, you will be turning down invitations because you are so busy.
Ask yourself this: What do I expect from The answer should be: I expect to be there for me, ready to go 24/7 so that I can go to my vacation home away from home and do what I would do if I really did have a vacation home. Don’t forget, is full of real people in a virtual world that is nearly like the real world in the way that it is engineered. This is one thing that sets apart from other virtual world games. It has a GPS compass system and is actually structured as a world on a round planet that has a center core and heavens above. is a virtual world within the real world where people from all over the real world can find a unique new life that compliments and strengthens their real world life. All people young and old are welcome to experience this new kind of world and call it their home. Some people who may be bed ridden or stuck inside for one reason or another with no one to talk to can experience a full life again at As in any video game, or in the real world, you learn skills and get rewarded as you go along. Nobody expects to begin a game with all the skills already developed and all the best gear available. That’s part of the fun, plus as an active member you are helping to develop the game to greater levels.
Try visualizing as an Architect’s plan for how we would construct the real world if we could. A new building starts out as chicken scratches on a napkin at a bar somewhere and gradually the plan evolves to specification drawings and eventually into a giant skyscraper or whatever. All thereians are technicians of a sort. We are all helping to develop the plan to the next level of evolution as time goes on. Everything evolves to a higher level or dies. Nothing stops changing. Even rocks change. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Years from now you may not even recognize this game.
To write off because there’s not enough people here is like saying I don’t like life so I’m quitting. Even if was full of people everyday at all hours it’s still a home and what can be your personal contribution to society and posterity.

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  1. Thanks for creating a really helpful and insightful post about our virtual world.

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    Check out this great blog post from a fellow Thereian talking about as a second home away from home. It’s very insightful and well thought out. ”’cutepoints

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